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Sweetalkins wiccan/pagan/music Downloads

Sweetalkins wiccan/pagan/music Downloads

What is Magik Anyway?
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What is Magik Anyway?



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How to power a spell  using a Black Cat
Some believe that Witches say a few magic words and do a ritual and then a spell is created and
performs its function.
There is a metaphorical plane, a plane where all the psychic energy of both the living and the
dead exists. We draw from this energy when we are being creative. It can also be psychically
tapped to energize one's will and envisionment to cast spells.
The metaphysical plane acts like a battery. Psychic energy is alive and can be given a will of evil
or good. Good psychic energy can heal and make good things happen. The evil energy creates a
negative field around the person the spell was cast on, Some evil spells can cause someone to
lose health etc.
It will effect random chance and make bad or negative things happen, causing luck and other
factors to be reduced and depending on the nature of the spell and the psychic skill of the Witch.
The spell could take years before it begins to lose its energy and effects.
There are several ways to create a psychic battery. Covens are great for this. A spell cast by a
coven is much more powerful then one cast by a single Witch. There are also places in the world
where there are rips in the psychic energy layer of the metaphysical plane. These places are ideal
for Witches because the psychic energy leaking out of the metaphysical plane is very powerful
and very easy to tap. One can also tap a person and use hir as a psychic battery to cast spells, but
learning to channel and draw psychic energy from the metaphysical plane is the first thing any
Witch should learn.
Submitted to the Internet Book of Shadows 12/29/2000. 

WE KNOW HOW MAGIC WORKS WE DO NOT KNOW WHY MAGIC WORKS ? One current theory suggests that,as everything in the world possesses an energy field, and the human body possesses a very powerful one, an act of magic consists in focusing this electro-magnetic energy and transmitting it, often by the way of highly symbolic "language". This symbolic language appears to be of images which are transmitted either verbaly or by mental pictures,accompanied by ritual acts which help the mind to concentrate. This electro-magnetic energy may be similar to that emitted by the moon and the stars, which atrologers believe affect the character, and therefore the destiny, of all creatures. It has been objected that the energy put out by the moon may be considerable but that such planets as venus send out very weak impulses and therefore ineffective, but you must recall that in medicine it is often the case that a small dose may be affective and a larger one either ineffective or counter-productive. You cannot measure effectiveness in terms of quantity in either medicine or mechanics.


"The Odic force",or,simply,"The Power", does not appear to
be dependent upon any particuliar religious belief.
Magic is not peculiar to witches. It has been used by
practitioners of all religions, from the most ancient
times to the most modern.
Sometimes magic formulae are called prayers or hymns, sometimes they are called spells and charms.
They are to be found in Hinduism,Buddhism,Christianity,
Mahommedanism and all other major religions.


WHAT IS MAGIC? S.L.Mathers, an occultist,defined magic as "the science of the control of the secret forces of nature". The word "secret" may be taken as the meaning of the "forces",though natural,have not yet been thoroughly and systematically observed and catergorized and their mode of operation remains mysterious. But from another point of view,"magic" might be defined as the power which causes an event to change or change to happen on command without any physical cause or of use of the known laws of nature. When we see something inexplicable that has been clearly intended to happen, we say "its magic!" or perhaps "its a miracle" stage illusionionists are often called magicians. The difference between stage magic and real magic is that in true magic what appears to happen has actually hapened;in stage magic this is not the case.

What Is Magick
David Rankine
copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 David Rankine
What is magick? Forget all the fallacies and stereotypical pre-conceptions
taught to you out of fear and ignorance and approach this question with an
open mind. You will probably find it is not what you have been taught to
think. Magick has been defined as "The art and science of causing change to
occur in conformity with will *1" which could be put more simply as making
desired change happen; or as "energy tending to change"; a definition I use
is "magick is conscious evolution through directing energy". This does not
really explain magick though, so I will try to elaborate on these phrases
without jargon.
An aim of magick is to train the mind by harnessing and making more
consciously accessible such higher faculties as intuition, inspiration and
the creative imagination, and by drawing on the power of the unconscious -to
try and use more than the 10% of our brain's capacity that we do.
Magick assumes belief in, or rather experience of, subtle energies. We can
only see about one seventieth of the light spectrum, yet what we cannot see
still affects us - such as x-rays and ultraviolet light. Similarly, magick
is about focusing more subtle, non-physical energies, and directing them to
create change. To go about this requires experience, and training to improve
the power of the mind, and specifically, the will.
Acts such as meditation, breath control, voice work, body work,
visualization, drama, ritual, and others, are all designed to improve our
body and mind, to better sharpen us and balance us, and to enable us to
perceive and wield more subtle energies.
In the same way, an individual is as strong as their will, and the more
balanced and integrated a person is, the stronger their will (note, this is
probably one of the main reasons why so many magicians have experience of
counselling and/or psychology, recognising the help these processes can
give, both through training and experiencing them. This also acts as a
removal of farcical social stigma often attached to these processes).
Practising magick tends to act as a deconditioning mechanism and can be a
subtle process, the longer you practice, the more you change and the
unnecessary inhibitions, stigmas, guilts and sin complexes that society
builds in are removed. This has the effect of releasing their energy into
the psyche, where it can strengthen the individual.
The more physical side, such as yoga, bodywork, dance and massage, also
removes the tension held in the body as body armour, and releases this and
removes energy blockages which impair full efficiency and may result in


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@Hazel Dunlin

Magick is a neutral power. It is neither good or bad, dark or light. It can be either or both. That which determines it's outcome, is in the heart of the person using it. So please, remember this and the Threefold Law whenever you use the Power of Magick.

Ever mind the Rule of Three,
Three times your deeds return to thee.
This lesson well, thou must learn,
Thee only gets what thou does earn!

I cannot emphasize this enough.
What you do with magick is your responsibility. What comes back to you is your own doing. Use it well and receive it's rewards, use it poorly and receive it's unforgiving consequences. When you work with the Power of Magick, you work with the Power of the Universe.
Respect it and use it wisely.


Written by hazel Dunlin