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Sweetalkins wiccan/pagan/music Downloads

Sweetalkins wiccan/pagan/music Downloads

What is Magik Anyway?
Tools...Spell boxes
Potions remedies collected from various sources
Herbs And there Magikal Properties A-Z
Love/seeking/binding spells
Binding spells
Candle magik
The Moon "Mistress of The Night"

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I cannot emphasise this enough please do not practice these spells if not trained correctly and even if you have the knowledge and experience be aware of "not going against anothers will", if you try the rebound will be painful***I really cannot  stress this to you enough*** please contact my forum or email me for advice if needed, if i cannot help then i know witches, that are experinced far more so than me in these matters blessed be:)

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Not used this one....Came accross it on kazza...since im always being asked about love spells, thought id share anything i find :) .But im personally an avid fan of candles:)

Love Spell

Get 5 roses. Go about a block from your house and drop one. On the way back drop three more. Then drop one on your doorstep. While doing this chan the words:
"This is a path of love. My true love will find me." Only works for those who believe




Lost Love Spell

This spell is to "cure" a broken heart.

After a break-up, on a full moon, go outside underneath the radiant light.

Light some black, red, and blue candles and some incense of your choice.


"As you leave my life,

I leave behind my pain.

As you burn to dust,

So does all my hurt.

As I leave you in my past,

I leave with you my sorrow."

Let the candles burn down completely.

Take the remains off your property and bury them.

Turn around and don't look back!

Now follow with a renewal or healing ritual.

Another i found on kazza :)

Wishing spell

Take five stones and place them in the corners of a pentagle, then recite the spell.
"Stones of dark stones of light
May they be as light of day or as dark as night.
You may do my bidding the 5 of you
Doing my wishes but they must be true.

Then burn a small black mark on each one with a candle. Then each night make a wish to one of them.

I likes the feel of this one

Verbal Magik

To Attract a man or woman

Not many are patient When it come to love. if you desire a person passionately,you can if you summin up enough intensity and concentration you can in fact bring that perosn to you in a state of sexual hunger. it would be wise however to think very carefuly before using this spell. It can often fail to work becuaee of the opposition, and if it does work sometimes the results can turn out to be uncomfortably dramatic. There are two spells the first is for the woman to ttract the man, the second for the man to attract the woman.
First the womans spell;
This i lay upon you
When we meet
put your mouth to my mouth
and, furthermore,
this i lay upon you;
when we meet 
offer your swelling manhood
up to me
The second version runs;
This i lay upon you
when we meet
put your mouth to my mouth
this i lay upon you
when we meet
put your breasts to my breasts
and, furthermore,
this i lay upon you
when we meet
open your thighs
and call me into you
This is a direct trasmission from the spell maker to the person desired

 There are several kinds of love spells. Those that prove the most successful are those that are made in order to bring a yet unknown lover to the spell maker. The spell will infact send out a General "RAdio" message which will be recieved only by the apropropriate person, Very simular to the way a female moth transmits a radio message that attracts makesof the same species. This kind of spell does not attempt to impose the the makers will upon any particular person. Therefore will not come up against any opposition.
              LOVE SPELLS

one:-To Find A Lover

      Every Friday Night(Friday is the day of venus**Godess Of Love)culominating in a Friday on which the moon is full or almost full, throw salt onto the fire from your right hand saying:_

      It is not salt I turn to fire
      But the heart of the man that i seek;
      Let him have no peace of mind
      Until he come to me.

This spell should be cast 3 times on each occasion. On the third occasion the wording should be slightly different.

     It is not the salt i turn to fire
     But the heart of the man i seek
     He shall have no peace of mind
     Until he come to me.

This concludes the spell. The person sought in unlikely to appear immediately but will usually appear within the next few weeks. 

This "seeking" spell can be altered into a "love binding" spell by simply changing the  word "seek" to "love", or there is ofcourse "Desire", in which case the spell maker needs to be able to completely envisage the person he or she wishes to come.


If this particular person resists the "pull" of the spell, the spell maker may find that the force of the spell will rebound and cause extreme anxiety and tension in the originator. You can avoid this by adding at the end of each resitation the following words;


....For his good and my good

    by loves true power


The word "man" of course may also be changed for the word "woman", or if calling a  specific person you may also use the name you know them by. It must be personal not the family name.                          



Spells are messages, some are spells in the form of commands, some are binding spells and some are seeking spells. Others, however, do not try to command the person that is loved otr desired, but work in the means of persuasion. The spell does not command the person, an talisman or imtermediary object does the work. Tjhis is done in the form of a gift that is energised by the spell caster. If you wish to to affect some one by these means, you must chose an object that can be worn close to the skin, or one that can be eaten or drank, or something that perfumes the air. Perfumes and scented flowers especially roses are a traditional love gift. Place the gift on your spell table and say;
I am within you
in your every part
you hold my name of power
my hidden name
and speak it to her/him
caling her/him to me
in deepest true affection
and in love.
This should be repeated out loud three times. the gift should immediately be wrapped in some tissue paper  of one colour, it must not be multicoloured. The colour that you chose should also be expressive of your affection. red for ardent passion but green is also a good colour, as this is the colour of springtime and venus. it should be placed in a box and tied round with cord or wool of the same colour as the tissue paper. i8t is better to be given personally, hand to hand if possible, if not by personal messenger, so that it does not suffer from contact with too many other hands or from the energy fields of postal machinery.


To command love
Another spell  of the same kind derived from Artharva veda runs;
As the creeper entwines the tree,
So your arms will twine around me,
in deepest love,
As the sun rules every part,
So do i possess your heart,
in deepest love.
This spell basically makes use of natural symbolosim. It does bring the force of nature  uipon that desired person. When casting the spell, it is important that the spell caster can envisage not only the desired person but the creeper about the tree, the eagle in the sky, and ofcourse the sun in its zenith.
Spells that need multyple visulisation makes them more difficult, you find it will take several hours of practice before you can fill it with the desired amount of energy.


Take a black polished stone, moisten it three times with spittle(do not spit on it....use your finger) and say;
In the name of the Power
I give you the name
T^his should be said three times. Then you say;
So let it be
and now by my command
within her/him live and
call my name in her/him
and bend her/his will
to my commading love
So let it be
the stone should then be placed in a spell box where you will see it clearly and frequantly, and besides obijects that you feel will reinforce the spell or which are deeply personel to you.
Then each day you will power the spell each time you see the box.




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