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Sweetalkins wiccan/pagan/music Downloads

Sweetalkins wiccan/pagan/music Downloads

What is Magik Anyway?
Tools...Spell boxes
Potions remedies collected from various sources
Herbs And there Magikal Properties A-Z
Love/seeking/binding spells
Binding spells
Candle magik
The Moon "Mistress of The Night"
Tools...Spell boxes


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Spell boxes....What are they???
Spell boxes are very common in many cultures are are necessarily boxes at all :). It is somewhere you would place a written spell, which is then hidden or untouched, until the spell has carried out its task, with result. Wy  this has shown to be almost an instinct in children, especially country children. few country children has failed to put wishes or secrets in the hollow of a tree,under rocks,and holes in walls.
 (my own little boy for past 5 years has always whispered  his secrets, to the same tree hes 8 now ehehe, each time he passess it((so cute)))and im in the city).
There is an old superstition that if a persons name,is writtenon to a piece of paper and placed into a locked drawer, that the person will die. very doubtful as this...its probally a melodramtic exaggeration of the spell box method.
Most spell boxes are made from wood,but basically they can be made from any material, however organic material is preferable. Some boxes you will find elaborately carved:the country people of Thailand carve wooden spell boxesin the shapes of frogs,cATS,RABBITS AND DUCKS,and these are charming in all senses of the word. Others may have magikal designs or signs on them.Some of the Kashmiri boxes, not originally intended for magikal purposes, are in the shape of hearts and decorated in flowers. Often boxes from india, have elaborate inlaid patterns, chinese ones are delightfully carved and lacquered.
Spell boxes also are used to store magikal objects, especially talismens(i even do with my tarot cards).. And the colour and shape of the box must corrospond with the talisman it contains/holds. you would not put a spell for peace of mind in a vivid orange box, for example you would put that in a pale green or blue one.The shape and colour must work with the contents, it must not conflict. :)

Protection of valuables Spell

While walking eleven times around the object(s) you want to be protected chant this EACH TIME you go around:
"safe from harm, who breaks the charm
will fall away and disapear into dust."

(author unknown)

Gems should not be worn indiscriminately, and without reference to there zodiacal assosiations.According to the date of birth certain stones are fortunate,others are harmless,and still there are others that are invested with harmful attributes.Remember it is not only sufficient to merely take into consideration the month of birth,for the zodiacal mensems do not coincide with the months of the calander, and the zodiac sign changes at a date varying from the 19th the the 24th of the month. ************
Xsweetalkins notes:_ I have noted with crystals those that are right for you shall attracou. When buying a crystal it should always be the one you are drawn to at first. Or which feels comfortable in your hand. The energies within a crstal are very stong you can feel the vibrations if you silence yaself and allow it smiles* blessed be
from a very early date precious stones were associated with the twelve signs of the zodiac. Astrologers today identyfy the follow stones with the 12 signs like so:-

Aries Bloodstone Libra Opal
Taurus Sapphire Scorpio aquamarine
Gemini Chrysoprase Sagittarius Topaz
Cancer Emerald Capricorn serpentine
Leo Chrysolite Aquarius Lapis Lazuli
Virgo Cornelian pisces Amethyst

Amber is sometimes found in large clumps weighing up to twenty pounds. Parts of plants and the bodies of insects are frequently seen to be imprisoned in the yellow mass; They where trapped by the flowing resin long ages ago. Amber is distilled to make a punjent oil-usually mixed with other substances to lessen its strength-that is used for rubbing on the body to cure aches and pains.Powdered resin used to be given for various internal complaints, and the fumes of burning amber were used also. The fossilized gum is a favourite material for amulets,which are worn as a protection from the evil eye,and to prevent danger from plague. Alarge piece of amber is sometimes worn on the throat to prevent nasal catarrh,hey-fever and asthma.
Amber is fortunate for people born under Taurus.



Protection Spell: "By the dragons light, on this (month) night, I call to thee to give me your might, by the power of three, I conjure thee, to protect all that, surrounds me, so mote it be, so mote it be! color


S.L.Mathers, an occultist,defined magic as "the science of the control of the secret forces of nature".
The word "secret" may be taken as the meaning of the "forces",though natural,have not yet been thoroughly and systematically observed and catergorized and their mode of operation remains mysterious.
But from another point of view,"magic" might be defined as the power which causes an event to change or change to happen on command without any physical cause or of use of the known laws of nature. When we see something inexplicable that has been clearly intended to happen, we
say "its magic!" or perhaps "its a miracle" stage illusionionists are often called magicians.
The difference between stage magic and real magic is that in true magic what appears to happen has actually hapened;in stage magic this is not the case.



Reversal of a spell Take a hand held mirror and simply turn around completely in a circle with the mirror reflecting outward from you and say: "circle of reflection cicle of protection may the sender of all harm feel the power of this charm"

What are spell boxes???

Reversal of a spell

Take a hand held mirror and simply turn around completely in a circle with the mirror reflecting outward from you and say:
"circle of reflection
cicle of protection
may the sender of all harm
feel the power of this charm"