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Sweetalkins wiccan/pagan/music Downloads

Sweetalkins wiccan/pagan/music Downloads

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The Moon "Mistress of The Night"
The Moon "Mistress of The Night"

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Gaining help from the moon
The moon (representing female)she is "The Mistriss of the night" called by many names. She is the most influencial of the heavenly bodies, being the closest orb to us. Her influence is enourmous, she is the singular most important consideration in the timing of occult rituals of any kind.


Here is quick refrence to the moon ...definitions...cycles..relevance etc :)


Waxing moon

This occurs from the time of the New Moon, to the full moon
(aprox 14 days)This is the generally the most important time for all white magicians especially personally when i use candle magik, I find this time the most favourable  influence,for employing the occult/spells/magik :), at this time for good ends.
The goddess aspect is: Maiden

Associated Godessess:Atremis,Brawn,Erin,Nymmtp,Epon

Magical Attributes associated are
beginings,vitality,inspiration,freedom,energy, projects.


Waning Moon

This occurs from the time of the Full Moon to the Dark of moon.This is generally the  best time for all rituals and spells of the negative or repelling nature. For example Driving away unpleasent situations or unlucky conditions etc.Like the waxing period of the moon, on the other hand, favours spells that seek to attract and improve situations.

Associated Goddesses:Callieash,Banshee,Hecate,Kali,Morrigan

Godess Aspect:Crone

Magikal Attributes associated are psychic ability,wisdom,releasing the old, removing unwanted negative energies, reversing


Why is Midnight Considered to be the Witching hour?

There are many reasons for this, the first being, that Midnight is the middle of the witches day. The witches day stretches from Noon to Noon. It will begin in the light and end in the light. This is the reason why all sabbats are celebrated on the eve of the day marked in the calender.
Another reason is because when the business for the day is over, there is normally more peace in which to work and contenplate.
Another reason for this is the moon is regarded as a presence of the Goddess, so therefore nightime is appropriate for any celebration of her.
Then, Finally in past days, it has proven to be foolish to practice in the cold light of day, for the fear of discovery, therefore making it traditional that workings be practiced at least after dark. This though is not always necessarily midnight because the number nine is a cube of three, and the Godess is three fold, therefore often 9.00pm is also chosen :).



Moon Calander for 2003
2nd:  New Moon
18th:  Full Moon
1st:  New Moon
16th:  Full Moon
2nd:  New Moon
18th:  Full Moon
1st:  New Moon
16th:  Full Moon
1st:  New Moon
15th:  Full Moon; 10:40pm (EST) Lunar Eclipse 24 degrees Scropio
30th:  11:09pm (EST) Solar Eclipse nine degrees Gemini;  New Moon
14th:  Full Moon
29th:  New Moon
13th:  Full Moon
29th:  New Moon
11th:  Full Moon
27th:  New Moon
10th:  Full Moon
25th:  New Moon
10th:  Full Moon
27th:  New Moon
8th:  Full Moon; 8:29pm Lunar Eclipse sixteen degrees Taurus
23rd:  5:50pm (EST) Solar Eclipse one degree Sagitatrius;  New Moon
8th:  Full Moon
23rd:  New Moon


Representation of Tarot Card
The moon
The central theme for this card is one of illision. It can be both bad and good,depending on the nature of the questioner and ofcourse the area of life this card affects in the reading.  I have often found that this card appears early in a reading, when there is higthly charged emotions. If the person you are reading for has fallen in love, and is unsure how things are going,or a relationship seems to be going nowhere, or maybe even working its way to a close, then the moon will often be found as one of the very first cards to appear. It can show that everybody concerned ion the raltionsship is muddled/confused, not sure what they want of where they may be going.It can show there is a good deal of insincerety on both sides. There is not much sensible advise you can offer as a reader since these kinds of problems defy logic. The best thing to advise the questioner is not make too many major decisions or make any concrete plans during this time,Let things flow for a while.
When the moon points to other areasof life in given  reading, like finances or work, then again this will often show trickery and deception are definately likely to be in the air. On a  mundane level the simplist of plans can go wrong, when the moon arrives on the scene, letters will become lost,, travel plans will go completely wrong,. Messes,muddles,decpeption,lies and frustration are heading your way for sure. Finally if thre is a woman around the questioners  life she will take every opportunity to give the questioner trouble.
However on a more positve note the moon given the person a chance to use his/her imagination, and this can be positively chanelled into artistic persuits. It can also show, there could soon be a developement of phychic powers.The questioner would do well to rely on gut feelings in relation to any doubtful situations, because these wil turn out o be far more accurate than reason.
Either way up this card, is an nnoying card, and can tease the questioner by showing that the future is yet to be revealed and that the cards are not in the mood to be particularly informative just now.




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